Caledon State Park

11617 Caledon Road

​King George, VA 22485​

(540) 663-3861 |

Pets in the park

Pets Must Be Under Control:

Pets must be confined or leashed at all times in the park (State Law).  Leashes can be no longer than 6 feet in length.  Pets found loose many be seized and subjected to laws pertaining to stray animals.

Pets Must Be Well Behaved At All TImes:

Pets which disturb other visitors, other pets or the resources by being noisy, dangerous, intimidating or destructive may result in you being asked to leave the park.  Also you will be responsible for any damages or injuries caused by your pet.

Please Properly Dispose Of Pet Waste.

Pet waste must be bagged before being placed into a trash receptacle.

Pets in Campgrounds:

Your pet must be leashed or confined and must be attended at all times.

Friends of Caledon State Park

King George, VA